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4 new year's marketing tips for social media

Slice of Pie’s social media marketing tips will amplify your reach on Facebook and Instagram to engage more customers and accomplish your new year's goals to grow your business.

Direct promotion of your social media when talking face to face with customers goes a long way

The new year and summer season is the busiest for hospitality industry. There’s a small window here to make the most of things to bring in revellers to enjoy what you have to offer.

So you don’t miss the opportunity, here are Slice of Pie’s top 4 marketing tips to amplify your social media reach on Facebook and Instagram.

Share more video

More and more video capture your customers attention. It doesn’t take much. A silly dancing video of three seconds of your staff celebrating in their Santa hats, or a short time lapse piece taken on your iPhone will build your engagement.

Take advantage of posting on Instagram’s IGTV using hastags relevant to your local area, such as suburb hastags or food hastags. Here in the Illawarra #wollongongeats and #wollongongfood has tens of thousands of followers.

Don’t stop over the break

We all become a little weary of social media over the months. But, given this is the best time for your business results, now is not the time to take your foot off the accelerator on Facebook or Instagram.

Believe in this process and you’ll reap the rewards with more customers through your doors.

Promote your pages with your customers

The best way to get customers to engage in your community, is to promote your pages to them when you serve them. Have a little sign next to your register that incentivises customers to join your Instagram and Facebook pages with 10% discount off their meal or their drinks. Even consider printing out a thank you card to give to each customer that promotes this offer.

Service all the way

Social media doesn’t work in isolation with your face-to-face service. You share your happy, helpful approach, with your customers directly, that’s a great incentive to get them talking about your online.

Most social media engagement builds with referrals from happy customers posting about their beautiful meals and celebrations at your face, pub or workplace.

Signing off from Slice Of Pie.

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