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5 best Instagram post ideas for restaurants and bars

What posts win Instagram followers for your restaurant or bar to help you convert them into paying customers? These top 5 posts will have you covered.

Restaurant Instagram marketing
Show emotion in every Instagram post to help you convert followers to restaurant customers

If you own a bar or café, your customers are inundated with beautiful posts from your competitors.

How do you get cut through? What makes your friends on Instagram want to pick you, over the other café down the road when they decide they need a night out?

There’re a thousand different reasons.

But you already know the most important ones.

Give them as reason to smile, something lovely to eat, and somewhere to enjoy time with friends and family.

That’s the starting point. This is what should drive every one of your posts. These Instagram posts convert to paying customers.

Based on our experience here at Slice Of Pie, these are the Top 5 ways to share the most important messages about your business.

Say it with video

We know that viewers spend much more time viewing a video than looking at photo. We know a video can say more about you than a single image. We know videos get more comments, than photos. A video between 3-60 seconds long once a week could very well boost your comments and set you apart from your competitors.

Beautiful food goes a long way

Celebrate the biggest reason your customers come back again and again. Invest in some beautiful images of your menus and share the stories behind your recipes and ingredients.

Share your story

Tell your behind the scenes story. Take videos of your staff and the events they cater, the madness of the kitchen or the personal stories of your daily journey to share your best with the customers. Share the fun times with your customers, and they’ll want a piece of it too.


Create a hashtag with your restaurant name and encourage customers to take a photo of their meal and post on Instagram using that hashtag for a chance to win another meal at your restaurant. Promote at the counter and ask your staff to talk about it with customers. This goes a long way to engaging customers and sharing what makes you special.

Share the emotion

Hands down, any opportunity you get to share smiling, laughing happy faces or the emotion of a moment, you’ll get more likes. A shot of food is lovely. A shot or video snippet of a customer laughing while eating that food says so much more.


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