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5 best restaurant and bar event ideas to get more customers

Stuck for event ideas that will bring in the crowds? Sometimes the old favorites, spiced up with some flare will do the trick. Here are our top 5 best event ideas for restaurants and bars that work every time.

Best restaurant event ideas include themed nights
Themed event ideas for restaurants bring in the crowds, just linking with local current events

At least once a month, if not once a week, you gotsta host an event. You’ve been in the game a long time. You know they work.

But you put it off, don’t you? Why?

It’s hard to come up with ideas, for one. Well, here’s 10 of the best. These are tried and true examples of what we know works.

Pull them off with style, and you’ll be laughing.

The most important thing with any event is promote it! There’s no ‘if you build it, they will come’ adage here.

Flyers on tables, social media posts and even some PR will get the punters through the door.

The more exciting or different the better. Nice and simple can work too, with a regular slot in the program. It just depends who your customer is.

And make sure you take LOTS OF VIDEO AND PHOTOS to share on your social media during and after the event.

Live music / Open Mic

Works every time! It’s easy to organize. Put your feelers out for local bands and acoustic artists. A regular weekly live music night creates much needed ambience. Spice things up a little by staging your own Talent Night, hosting a competition to find your regular artists.

Themed evenings

These can be special once-off occasion for which you sell tickets or have a regular weekly spot on your events calendar. Lots to pick from here. Let your imagination go crazy. 80s nights are always a big hit. How about a Taco Tuesday.

Celebrate current and local events

From the Oscars to Christmas in July, America’s 1st of July to Eurovision. The list is endless. Keep up to speed with what is happening in your local area too. Feed in local fun runs or surfing competitions. You could even celebrate the end of school, depending on the customers right for your business.


This is quite a novelty for restaurants and always a hit at hotels. Worth thinking about. Team it with a competition perhaps, where you’re on the hunt for your suburb’s best singer in return for a fab prize. Easy to get a little PR from something fun like that.

Charity nights

You’re not just doing yourself a favour. You’re doing a good deed too. Link with your favorite local charity. Pick one which you think connects well to your values and the values shared by your customers.


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